Solar Energy for Dorcas Ministries

The recent solar energy project at Dorcas Ministries, a local non-profit organization, is great news for our community. RB Engineering is proud that Yes! Solar Solutions and Argand Energy chose us to provide a structural inspection and analysis of the plaza at 187 High House Road in Cary, NC.

The two solar companies partnered up to find a solution that worked for Dorcas. The plaza's rooftop will have one of the largest solar installations for a non-profit in North Carolina. In order to finance the installation, Dorcas will lease the rooftop to Argand and purchase the solar installation on a later date at a reduced cost. Solar energy from this system will also be sold to Progress Energy. The 236.5-kW photovoltaic system will cover 50,000 square feet of rooftop space and generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 28 small homes.

RBE inspected the roof support system over the whole plaza and performed an analysis to ensure the new solar panel system could be supported by the existing roof - which was designed in 1990. We're happy to see that with a couple of minor changes, the roof is good to support the proposed arrangement.

You can read more about the installation in articles at The Cary News and the Solar Industry Magazine.

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Posted: April 23, 2012 by Jessica Rigdon | with 0 comments
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