A New Footing for Rodanthe Vacation Home

Last summer RB Engineering was hired to evaluate a vacation home on the beaches of Rodanthe, NC. The house had undergone major damage during Hurricane Irene in August 2011. We were asked to provide a report addressing the structural integrity and, if feasible, to present a structural repair plan and project specifications to stabilize the damaged residential structure.

As a result of the storm’s flood related forces and a loss of soil support during the storm event, the residence experienced severe structural and foundation damages. Both the foundation system and floor framing systems were structurally compromised and had undergone over 14 inches of vertical misalignment. Interior damages occurred to the drywall, flooring, windows, and doors. Multiple foundation piers were misaligned or had experienced complete failure. In addition, there was up to three feet of standing water beneath the house at the time of our inspection. Soils had been significantly eroded beneath the structure due to the storm.

The work required to stabilize and repair the structure included constructing a new foundation system and restoring the soil conditions from prior to the storm. Designs for rebuilding the foundation system consisted of temporarily lifting the house off the damaged foundation, installing new piers and girders, removing the standing water beneath the residence, and restoring the sand that was removed from beneath the foundation during the storm.


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