Iron Man 3 in the Triangle

As many Cary residents know, Iron Man 3 filming took place in the area at the beginning of June. Filming locations included the Epic Games studio and the Research Triangle Park headquarters. Despite some bad traffic, we are thankful for Ironworks bringing their movie to the area.

In mid-May, RB Engineering received a call from Ironworks about the film "Caged Heat," a working title for Iron Man 3. The film crew needed to know if a 15,300 lb Genie lift could be safely driven onto the a 4-inch slab at a building in the Research Triangle. After visiting the site and performing a structural analysis, one of our structural engineers worked with the crew to develop a solution that would prevent failure of the slab as well as preventing aesthetic damage to the tile surface of the slab while the lift was used during filming.

We hope that many other local companies also benifited from the brief stardom of Cary, NC, while Iron Man 3 was filmed, and we appreciate Ironworks Productions for choosing RB Engineering for their structural engineering needs.


Posted: July 02, 2012 by Jessica Rigdon | with 0 comments
Tagged as: inspection, IronMan3, movie_industry, NorthCarolina, structural

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