Catastrophic Response to Hurricane Irene

RB Engineering was able to provide catastrophic strom response to insurance adjusters and restoration companies as a result of Hurricane Irene in the fall of 2011. In fact we are just completing some of our last few jobs related to this large storm. We spent several weeks assessing damage to residential and commercial property on the North Carolina east coast.

Irene hit the Bahamas as a Category 3 hurricane (on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale) but gradually weakened after crossing the Bahamas. It made landfall near Cape Lookout in North Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane and caused widespread damage across a large portion of the eastern United States as it moved north-northeastward, bringing significant Mid-Atlantic states trough New England. In the mainland United States, Irene caused widespread damage to homes and felled trees from North Carolina northward and produced extensive power surges. in North Carolina, the flow from the sound to the ocean damaged Highway 12, cutting several breaches. 

The most severe storm surge damage also occurred along Chesapeake Bay. In the Hampton Roads area, and along coastal sections of the Delmarva Peninsula from Ocean City, Maryland southward, storm surge flooding was comparable to that from Hurricane Isabel of 2003. The most severe impact of Irene in the northeastern United States was catastrophic inland flooding in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Vermont.  

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