Chapel Hill, NC Dentists Save Big with Cost Segregation

RB Engineering recently provided cost segregation services to two local dentists in the new Vilcom Center in Chapel Hill, NC. We were engaged by Dr. Joel Wagoner and Dr. Susanne Jackson both general dentistry practioners to provide a cost segregation study for their new offices. Medical and dental offices are great candidates for cost segregation services due to the amount of personal property assets that can be allocated to shorter life in these facilities. Most dental offices see results of 30%-40% of assets going to shorter life designations.

Some examples of property asset detail by class life are: 5yr. items such as cabinetry, glass, flooring, dedicated lighting, electrical, and plumbing 15yr. items would be the exterior landscaping items around the building. Certain items the IRS requires stay at 39 yrs. some examples of these would be roofing and HVAC systems.
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