Residential Brokers Benefit from Structural Expertise

When it comes time to buying and selling homes in North Carolina structural issues are often flagged by home inspectors.
We can provide an unbiased review of the potential problems and issues to determine what, if any, repair is required.  Oftentimes, items are noted on a home inspection report that specifically call for our  services. Some issues to look out for would be:  foundation cracks, cracks in and drywall, cracked rafters, sagging or uneven flooring, difficulty opening and closing doors, water and moisture issues, and lastly termites (which can have a seriously detrimental effect on any home.

As a residential broker, you want to be able to provide the highest level of assurance to your clients that the home they are buying or selling is structurally sound. Your first step when structural issues arise should be a phone call to your local structural engineering company. Our services include: Sign off letters indicating that the structure is safe, repair plans to address any issues identified during the site visit, and construction management services for buyers and sellers who want to ensure that the repairs are performed correctly.
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