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Over the years, RB Engineering has had the opportunity to participate in several hundred commercial and residential projects.  Our photo gallery gives you the opportunity to get a first-hand view of some of the activities we've been involved in and a look at the way we approach our work.

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At the request of Yes! Solar Solutions, RB Engineering performed a structural evaluation of the Cornerstone Professional Complex, Cary, NC. At the request of Yes! Solar Solutions, RB Engineering, Inc. performed a structural evaluation of the subject residence located in Apex, North Carolina.  This project consisted of a 20 panel solar system.  Residential solar installations are becoming more visible in North Carolina. RB Engineering performed the structural engineering services for the latest addition to the Elledge Waste Water Treatment Plant, the Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Biosolids Storage Facility. The subject was a single-family residential structure.  Recently, the homeowner had noticed the worsening of existing foundation cracks and the formation of new ones.  RB Engineering was asked to determine the general condition of the foundation and recommend repairs. RB Engineering's structural services included design and construction plans for the 60,000 square foot biosolids storage facility. RB Engineering inspected the structure, noting that the concrete driveway contained severe cracks as a result of slab settlement and sloped toward the front corner of the left foundation wall.  The exterior foundation wall contained several exterior foundation cracks. Several moderate to severe foundation cracks were also found along the interior foundation wall.  Interior floor misalignments were also noted. RB Engineering concluded that the back left corner of the exterior foundation wall has experienced moderate differential settlement that has caused the foundation wall cracks to develop. Plans for the Elledge Waste Water Treatment Plant included design  for troughs, as well as the slab, perimeter wall, foundation and steel walkway design.
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