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Why Choose RB Engineering?

We utilize only true engineering-based methodologies to conduct the most accurate and thorough cost segregation studies available.

We maintain a complete collection of digital photos and comprehensive work paper file and audit trail with every study. We proudly defend all our work and will provide complimentary support in the event of a field level audit.

We have the knowledge and experience to complete your project and only utilize engineers who have a thorough understanding of the IRS guidelines. Together, these professionals in conjunction with an independent CPA closely coordinate each project and carefully follow the strict IRS standards to maximize your tax savings. 

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Whether you are a certified public accountant, financial advisor, business owner or especially a commercial property owner, you need to know the basics of this valuable tax strategy.  Cost segregation allows owners of commercial property to keep more of their money where it belongs -- in their pockets!  For more information on cost segregation services, contact RB Engineering, located in the Raleigh-Durham area, today at 919.677.9662.  RB Engineering provides a complimentary estimate of benefits.  By simply providing us with your most recent tax depreciation schedule, or in the case of new construction, the new construction documents, we can quickly estimate the cash savings. 

RB Engineering, Inc. is a professionally licensed engineering firm and does not give tax advice.  RB Engineering advises all commercial property owners to always consult with their certified tax professional.
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